Metal Working

metal working

Hearing Protection For Metal Workers & Machine Shops

Foundries, smelters, forges, metal finishing, sheet metal fabrication, and welding operations, are challenging work environments.

In foundries noise levels can be expected to range generally between about 80 and 110dB. Most common noise sources are from mould vibrators, shake outs, rumblers and shot blasting, arc gouging and fettling and dressing of castings, using angle grinders and hammering and banging on castings.

Operator noise exposure levels from the above sources, of between 96–102dB, as average over the shift duration, are not uncommon in this industry. Noise sources may also be found from induction furnaces.

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Low Frequency Noise

Low frequency noise from engines, motors and fans is prevalent in many foundry environments. This noise is not easily eliminated with traditional passive hearing protection devices. Low frequency noise waves are long and carry great distances. They can penetrate passive barriers like foam earcups or even cement walls (which is why you can hear the bass of your neighbor's stereo).

Foundries Noise Sources

dB Level

Mould vibrators




Arc/air gouging


9 inch angle grinder


Shot blasting


Shake out