Airboat Professional or Enthusiast: Get the Best Protection From Propeller and Engine Noise — Noise that Passive Hearing Protectors Can't Handle

Whether on airboats, fan boats, hovercraft or blow boats, professionals and enthusiasts alike know that NoiseBuster® Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Safety Earmuffs are the best defense against the low-frequency noise generated by airboat fans and engines – noise that passive earmuffs can't handle.

Airboats and hovercraft are not used just for fun boat tours, but they are also the ultimate work machines for fire fighting, ice rescue, flood rescue, seismic survey, oil drilling, wildlife and aquatic management and farming. Regardless of whether they are used for fun or work, the noise generated by airboat fans and engines can put you at greater risk of hearing loss. Plus, prolonged exposure to noise is known to cause fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of concentration, reduced productivity, headaches and high blood pressure.

Hearing loss is sneaky. You won’t feel it. It won’t hurt. It’s one of those things that will happen over time. But, one thing is certain – once it happens, it’s irreversible. It is well known that individuals with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves from social situations when communication and interaction with family and friends becomes more challenging. Think for a moment about what how everything in your life would change if you couldn’t hear the sound of anyone’s voice, including your own. Get serious about protecting and preserving your hearing.

The professional-grade NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff is the only industrial hearing protector that combines an ANSI-rated 26NRR passive earmuff with active noise reduction (ANR) electronics that deliver 20dB of low-frequency noise attenuation – the noise generated by boat propellers and engines.

The NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff also features an audio input jack for listening to music at a safer, less amplified level; an audio cable is provided. The NoiseBuster features soft, pliable ear cushions and an adjustable comfort headband. Over-the-head and behind-the-head configurations are available.

Low-Frequency Noise

Propeller and engine noise has a considerable low frequency component that is not eliminated with traditional passive hearing protection devices. While passive materials are effective at reducing high- and mid-range frequencies, this is not the case with low-frequency noise. Low frequency noise waves are long, powerful and carry great distances. They can penetrate passive barriers like foam earcups or even cement walls (which is why you can hear the bass of your neighbor’s stereo).