About Us

Pro Tech Technologies, Inc. is an Innovator in the Development, Design, and Manufacturing of Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Headphones and Safety Earmuffs

In 1998, the world's first fully-certified ANR safety earmuffs combining traditional passive attenuation with active noise cancellation technology were launched into the personal protection equipment ("PPE") market. Combining an ANSI-certified passive NRR (noise reduction rating) of up to 26dB and electronic active noise cancellation of up to 20dB, the NoiseBuster® ANR Safety Earmuff is by far the most effective hearing protection device on the market today.

Conventional passive earmuffs and earplugs cannot effectively attenuate the low-frequency noise generated by engines, motors, vacuums, blowers, generators, fans, etc. And, like any noise, prolonged exposure to low-frequency noise can cause hearing loss. This prolonged exposure is also linked to non-auditory effects, including anxiety, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, lack of concentration, and reduced productivity.

Our products provide enhanced hearing protection, intelligibility, comfort, and audio quality to both the consumer and industrial markets. Our company's mission is to provide advanced, practical, competitively-priced and high-quality products that improve hearing protection, enhance listening comfort, and increase intelligibility of communications in noisy environments.

Over the years, the NoiseBuster® has won numerous awards for design and use of cutting edge technology.

Ten years from its inception, the NoiseBuster® ANR Safety Earmuff line includes Over-the-Head, Behind-the-Head, and Hard Hat Cap Mounted versions to meet the hearing protection requirements of any industrial organization.

And our products meet a vital need: according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health ("NIOSH"), up to 30 million workers in the U.S. may be exposed to dangerous noise levels at their workplace.

Today, the NoiseBuster® ANR Safety Earmuff is used by some of the largest companies around the globe to protect their employees' hearing and provide them with a more comfortable and safe working environment.