Add-On Two-Way Communications Modules

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Communicate Effectively and Safely in High-Noise Environments.

Receiving clear, intelligible communications when you’re in a high-noise environment is critical to your safety. Reducing the noise that interferes with your ability to hear can help you perform your job more effectively and efficiently.

The low-frequency noise of engines, motors, generators, compressors, fans, vacuums, blowers, etc, has a masking effect on speech; softer consonant sounds tend to be buried by the noise and impact our ability to distinguish the words we hear when receiving speech communications.

It is also important to be clearly heard when you respond while in a noisy environment.

Most to Today's Personal and Portable Communications Devices Supported.

Now, you can augment your NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff with a two-way communications capability and get comprehensive hearing protection plus two-way communications. We support most of the major personal communications devices.

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Attachment is Quick and Easy.

The NoiseBuster Two-Way Communications Module is specifically designed to easily and quickly attach to your NoiseBuster earmuff. A few turns of the screw securely bolts the module onto the earmuff. Then, a short cable on the module plugs into the earmuff's audio input jack. No modification to your earmuff is required.

The NoiseBuster Two-Way Communications Module includes a durable flex boom and a high-performance noise-canceling microphone.

Keep Your Replacement and Upgrade Costs Low.

Industrial environments are harsh and take their toll of equipment. Should damage occur either NoiseBuster Earmuff or the Communications Module, you can replace the damaged component, rather than the entire headset.

If you change radios, just attach a new Communications Module that is compatible with your new radio to your existing NoiseBuster Earmuff.


  • Close-Talking Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Microphone Rotates 200 Degrees For Left or Right Side Placement
  • Heavy Duty Flex Boom For Easy Precise Placement
  • Easy Attachment and Installation