Chainsaw Carvers

Chainsaw Carvers

Hearing Protection for Chainsaw Carvers

Chainsaw carving is an incredibly expressive art form. But you can’t ignore the fact that it is a particularly noisy activity that can put you at greater risk of hearing loss, you must use proper hearing protection. In addition to hearing loss, prolonged exposure to noise is known to cause psychological and physiological effects including fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of concentration, reduced productivity, headaches and high blood pressure.

So, while chainsaw carving is a great deal of fun, you need to be serious and informed about all aspects of this hobby including the potential for hearing loss and its effects on your health.

The NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction Safety Earmuff was specifically developed for use in high-noise environments. This product takes hearing protection to a whole new level by combining a high-performance passive earmuff with breakthrough electronic noise-canceling technology. The passive earmuff is ANSI-standard rated a 26 NRR (noise reduction rating). Turn on the active noise reduction electronics and get another 20dB (decibels) of low-frequency noise cancellation that will go right after the noise of your chainsaw. Reduce the noise and you will experience greater comfort, less anxiety, and improved focus while protecting your hearing.

Many carvers tried the NoiseBuster at the 2009 Rendezvous in Ridgway, PA. Everyone loved the level of noise cancellation the earmuffs delivered. Perhaps even more than that, they loved that they could listen to their music without cranking it up to compensate for the chainsaw noise.

It is well known that individuals with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves from social situations when communication and interaction with family and friends becomes more challenging. As a result, they become loners and can be depressed. Don’t let that happen to you. You carve because it’s fun, because it puts you in terrific social situations and, let’s face it, because you love to talk about it with you carver friends and mentors. So, think for a moment about what how it would change everything if you couldn’t hear the sound of anyone’s voice, including your own.

You love to listen to music while carving; and, if you are wearing a conventional hearing protector, you will find yourself cranking up the music, as you normally do, in order to hear it over the noise of your chainsaw. But, plug your Mp3 music player into the NoiseBuster and you will be listening to music in the quietest, most comfortable environment you’ve ever experienced.

Furthermore, because NoiseBuster electronics reduce low-frequency noise, you will experience a reduction of the ‘masking effect’ that low-frequency noise has on music and the intelligibility of the lyrics – another reason why you tend to crank up the music. Put on your NoiseBuster and play your favorite tunes at a comfortable listening level without over amplifying or distorting the music. You’ll enjoy your music experience a whole lot more, improve your concentration while carving and do a whole lot more to safeguard your hearing for now and the future.

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