The NoiseBuster® ANR Safety Earmuffs Can Help Reduce Dangerous Exposure to Industrial Noise

Owners or managers of businesses in virtually every industrial profession have employees at risk for hearing loss due to extremely loud work environments. That risk can be lessened with the NoiseBuster® ANR Safety Earmuff. The ANR Safety Earmuff was specifically designed to reduce low-frequency noise from devices such as engines, blowers, motors, fans, vacuums, pumps and generators. And, when combined with NoiseBuster's superior passive attenuation (26dB depending upon model) provides the most effective hearing protection available.

Industrial Noise Hearing Protection

NoiseBuster® ANR Safety Earmuffs have protected employees in many professions, including…

• Power Plants• On-Site InspectorsProfessional
Tarmac Ground Crews• Wind Tunnel Facilities   Lawn Care
Assembly Lines• Logging• Engineering
Airplane Maintenance• Transportation• Ship Engines
Pipeline Workers• Coal minersConstruction
• Data Centers/Computer Rooms     • Heavy Equipment Operators