Alpine Earplugs: An Overview of the Different Types and Their Features

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, then you know how important it is to have a reliable pair of earplugs. Whether you’re trying to block out the sound of traffic while camping, or protect your ears from cold wind and water while skiing, alpine earplugs are a must-have accessory. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of the different types of alpine earplugs available, as well as their key features. So whether you’re looking for earplugs that will stay in place no matter what activity you’re doing, or ones that will filter out harmful noise levels, we’ve got you covered.

What Is Alpine?

Alpine (official web-site) is an esteemed family business specializing in crafting high-end hearing protection of unparalleled quality. It offers a range of hearing protection products. They are based in Netherlands and have been producing earplugs for over 40 years. Their range includes universal filter earplugs designed to help with going out, sleeping, motorcycling, DIY-ing and even music production and flying/swimming. Alpine earplugs are trusted by musicians and other professionals worldwide for their quality construction and sound filtering capabilities.

Alpine Earplugs: An Overview of the Different Types and Their Features

Types of Alpine Earplugs

Main Types of Alpine earplugs include:

  • for DIY projects and works
  • for swimming
  • for sleepping
  • for motorcycling
  • for parties
  • for music hearing and concerts
  • for kids.

1. For Work – Alpine WorkSafe Construction Earplugs for Adult

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WorkSafe Construction Earplugs Features

Special Filter

WorSafe earplugs are designed to provide perfect protection against any destructive noise levels, while still enabling you to hear external sounds like machine alarms. Thanks to the well-crafted shape of the plugs, they fit snugly and naturally in your ears for optimal absorption. Exhaustively tested and proven effective, WorkSafe’s innovative design brings a new level of safety against damaging noises.

All Day Comfort

From professionals to DIY enthusiasts, earplugs should be comfortable. Our AlpineThermoShape material is designed with an innovative shape-memory technology that adapts itself perfectly to the contours of your ear canal for a snug fit and unbeatable comfort all day long.


This product has been tested and certified to reach a noise reduction of 23 dB SNR in accordance with US & EU Regulations. Not only that, our patented AlpineThermoShape material is hypoallergenic, sustainable, and free from silicone; so you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions!


The WorkSafe earplugs make domestic activities such as drilling, sawing, grinding, carpentry and lawn mowing more comfortable than ever. The AlpineAcousticFilters have the unique ability to absorb hazardous sound while still allowing conversations and alert signals to be heard. Perfect for the DIY enthusiast who is serious about their safety and hearing protection!

2. For Motorcycling – Alpine MotoSafe Race Earplugs for Wind Noise Reduction

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MotoSafe Race Earplugs Features

Reduce Wind Noise

The AlpineAcousticFilter promises to enhance the clarity of your engine, communication systems and navigation, ensuring that you can hear them all loud and clear. MotoSafe earplugs reduce wind and ambient noises, and make riding your motorcycle a much better experience!

Prevent Hearing Damage

As you race, your exposure to a decibel level of 100 is not rare. In fact, it can be reached at just 75 mph! As frightening as it may sound, continued damage to your hearing could occur in an astounding seven minutes if left unprotected. That’s why these motorcycle earplugs are perfect for those who seek optimal security and comfort while racing competitively.

Comfort Under Helmet

Motorcycle helmet wearers, rejoice! These ultra soft earplugs are the perfect companion; their unique material molds to your ear canal for maximum comfort and a great fit. They won’t irritate or give pressure even on longer rides, plus they’re easy to remove with their mini-grip feature. Enjoy an awesome ride without pesky noises getting in the way!

US & EU Sertified

This product has been rigorously tested and certified to meet US & EU Regulations for noise reduction, ensuring up to 17dB SNR. In addition, our AlpineThermoShape material is not only hypoallergenic but also sustainable without any silicone – so no worrying about allergic reactions!


MotoSafe Race Earplugs provide the ultimate in hearing protection and comfort for motorcyclists. With their unique AlpineThermoShape material, MotoSafe earplugs adapt to the contours of your ear canal and mould themselves perfectly for maximum comfort. They also reduce wind and ambient noise, making them ideal for those who wish to experience the open road without excess noise!

3. For Parties – Alpine PartyPlug Pro Reusable Ear Plugs

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PartyPlug Pro Earplugs Features

Noise Reduction

Make your festival experience perfect with PartyPlugs’ AlpineThermoShape material and 21dB Linear Filter. The innovative AlpineAcousticFilter blocks damaging sounds from reaching the inner-ear, while still allowing you to enjoy crisp sound quality. Keep tinnitus at bay by protecting yourself against potentially harmful frequencies – without missing out on a single beat!

Lasting Comfort

Constructed with plush, ultra-soft material that molds to your ear canal for the most comfortable fit possible. The lightweight design ensures no discomfort or itching, even after long hours of heavy dancing and sweating in hot weather. You can enjoy all night rave parties without any irritation or pressure.

Great Sound

The PartyPlug Pro has been crafted to attenuate sound without compromising the quality of high frequencies. As opposed to foam earplugs, this advanced technology creates a fuller and more balanced soundstage perfect for any live event.


With these AlpinePartyPlug Pro reusable ear plugs you can enjoy music cafely! They are perfect for anyone who loves live events and music festivals but wants to protect their hearing. With a noise reduction of 21dB and their custom moulded AlpineThermoShape material, PartyPlugs are designed for the best fit and comfort.

4. For Sleepping – Alpine SleepDeep Multisize Earplugs 

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SleepDeep Multisize Earplugs Features

Ultra Soft

SleepDeep’s sleeping ear plugs are unrivaled in terms of comfort due to our AlpineThermoShape material, which is astonishingly gentle and forms itself around your ears with the help of your body heat. This ensures an incomparable fit that will have you feeling like royalty all night long!

Special Shape

SleepDeep Multisize Earplugs has a unique 3D oval shap matching perfectly your ears. Theese earplugs are made from soft and comfortable materials so that nothing gets in the way of your restful night. Designed to fit both size S and M/L ears, these multisize earplugs allow you to pick the best match for your ear canal, ensuring total comfort. With SleepDeep’s Multi Soft Earplugs, you can finally get an uninterrupted night of rest and wake up feeling refreshed and energized tomorrow!

Innovative Gel Material

Each Pair of SleepDeep Earplugs contains a revolutionary sound-absorbing gel. This provides a superlative noise reduction solution – up to 27 decibels! The latter means you’ll be able to enjoy peaceful and restful sleep, free from the disruptions of environmental noise or snoring.


SleepDeep is the perfect option for anyone wanting to get a good night’s rest. It comes with two pairs of noise-cancelling earplugs, so you can find the size that fits your ears best. Plus, there’s a convenient carrying case included–perfect for keeping them clean and safe during travel. Moreover, these reusable plugs are easy to wash when needed and feature an ultra comfortable gel center designed specifically to reduce noise levels. So if you are looking for relaxation and soundless sleep, SleepDeep is for you!

5. For Swimming – Alpine SwimSafe Adult Earplugs

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SwimSafe Earplugs Features

Acoustic Filter

With the exclusive acoustic filters found in SwimSafe Earplugs for swimming, you get to experience all ambient sounds and conversations without feeling cut off. The minuscule opening on these reusable swim ear plugs effectively block out water while their shape prevents it from ever entering your ears. Enjoy a maximum depth of one meter underwater with adult-sized SwimSafe swimming earplugs!

Thermoplastic Material

The revolutionary thermoplastic material was developed by Alpine to make their swimming earplugs. This innovative and comfortable material takes on the shape of your ears, so no matter what you’re doing in water, these adult swim plugs will fit perfectly without any pressure or unpleasantness. Hypoallergenic and zero silicone—what more could you want?

Alpine Miniboxx

SwimSafe Swimming Ear Plugs come complete with everything you need for maximum ear protection. The package includes two universal thermoplastic hearing protectors, two acoustic filters, a convenient plastic carrying case, and an Alpine insertion sleeve – all designed to keep your ears safe in the water.


Swimming and water sports can often be uncomfortable for many, as they are at risk of developing ear related infections. That’s why Alpine created SwimSafe Swimming Earplugs – designed to protect your ears from corrosive wind, water and even showering! And with their special filters that still allow you to hear the surrounding environment, these earplugs will let you enjoy all aquatic activities in comfort!

6. For Travelling – Alpine FlyFit Earplugs for Pressure Relief

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FlyFit Earplugs Features

Pressure-Regulating Filters

FlyFit Earplugs contain noise-reducing filters that act as a valve, permitting for a continuous and steady pressure balance between the outer environment and your mid-ear. This allows sufficient time for the Eustachian tube to adjust to differences in air pressure. Additionally, Alpine FlyFit’s special AlpineAcousticFilters absorb bothersome background sound – allowing you calmness and comfort during lengthy flights or extended car/train/bus trips.

Comfort Throughout the Flight

FlyFit Earplugs: is a revolutionary product designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire flight. These earplugs absorb annoying engine and cabin noise while allowing conversations to be heard, so you can enjoy the journey knowing that travel-related headaches are solved!

Ideal for Long Trips

With Alpine FlyFit earplugs, you can enjoy peace and tranquility no matter where your journey takes you. Their exclusive AlpineAcousticFilters absorb distracting sounds- making them ideal for use during extended flights, car trips, train rides or bus commutes. So if a long trip is on the horizon, make sure to equip yourself with these amazing sound-canceling earplugs!


Do you feel a discomforting sensation when the plane ascends or descends? The aircraft noise can be overwhelming and exhausting. Thankfully, these innovative Alpine earplugs eliminate this pressure shift and noisy co-travellers! With FlyFit earplugs, your journey is stress-free so that you arrive relaxed for your vacation – plus ordering drinks from the flight attendant doesn’t get any easier!